What We Do

We provide an extensive variety of treatments and services 

Cosmetic Dentistry – Lowton Dental Centre is a leading cosmetic dentistry practice in the North West, headed up by principal practitioner Dr Martin Kelly; putting customer care at the forefront of all our work, we offer a complete range of Cosmetic and General Dentistry treatments. This includes the latest innovations in Teeth Straightening InvisalignSmilefast and Facial Cosmetics in the form of anti-wrinkle and line reduction injections.

Embracing the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry

We invest heavily in the latest technology in the Dental Field. This means that you will get the very latest cutting edge treatments from us, we can even provide you with a preview of your proposed new look before treatment even starts, thanks to advanced technology and software. This means you’ll be able to see how the treatment will positively transform your smile and enable you to maintain it. 

Preventative care and minimally invasive treatments

Our ethos of preventative care and conservative treatments is extremely important and lies at the heart of everything we do. We use minimally invasive techniques whenever clinically possible, and take great pride in our dentistry, providing you with a professional, ethical and affordable service in a relaxed environment. 

iTero Invisalign Scanner

At Lowton Dental Centre, we will need to take an accurate impression of your teeth and jaw to plan the very best Invisalign treatment. We achieve this by using the iTero digital scanner.

No more uncomfortable impressions

No more having trays of uncomfortanle plasticine like material stuffed into your mouth, the iTero digital scanner enables us to take a digital impression of  your teeth and jaws in less than 5 minutes. Not only is it more comfortable, it is more accurate than traditional methods, allowing us to provide a better quality of treatment.

Carestream CS 3600 Scanner

As well as the iTero Scanner, we have 2 Carestream Scanners. We use these for taking impressions for restorations such as crowns, bridges or veneers. The images can be uploaded directly to the lab, or used on site to manufacture you restorations. This means that the time between preparation and fitting can be greatly reduced

Carestream CS3100 Milling Machine

Our milling machine enables us to manufacture crowns and veneers on-site, matched directly to your existing teeth and restorations. In some cases, this means you can have a new crown or veneer, from start to finish, in around an hour!

Formlabs 3B Printer

Our Formlabs 3B printer enables us to print out models so our retainer club patients can always get a new retainer within a day if needed. It will also soon be able to print dentures and bridges allowing us to expand our on-site manufactured restorations

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